1. Be a Better…Cook.

    If you’ve been reading along for a while…you’d know that I’ve been on a low-carb diet for the past two years and have since shed about 50lbs and got a brand new body in return. Yay for a less-fat ass. 

    During the summer months, I don’t miss carby foods at all…in fact, most of the time it’s too damn hot to eat so I suck on Crystal Light flavored ice cubes while dreaming about chips and salsa, and call it a day. BUT, now that the seasons are changing, my affections for eating are too. When Fall begins, pumpkin pie, stuffing, fruit+crumble, and potato-landen stews start saying my name just like a Destiny’s Child song and there I am, tempted as all-getout. 

    Instead of going on a nutmeg-infused food binge, I’ve tried to make some moderately comparable substitutes for these seasons of comfort and joy. Here is a great autumnal recipe that won’t have people mistaking you for Mr/Mrs. Claus due to your expanding waistline. 

    No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake:

    What You’ll Need…


    -1 1/2 cups almond meal (or hazelnut meal)

    -4 Tbsp melted butter

    -3TBSP of Granulated Splenda


    -1 14oz can pumpkin

    -2 8oz packages of cream cheese

    -1 1/2 TBSP of Pumpkin Pie Spice

    -1/2 tsp cinnamon

    -2 tsp vanilla extract

    -1/3 cup of Granulated Splenda

    STEP ONE: 

    The crust is first here people…mix your butter (melt that up before), Splenda, and almond meal and then press it into a 9” pie pan evenly. Bake this without filling (ok so this isn’t completely NO BAKE…whatever) at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes until it’s a little browned on top. Let it cool while you make your filling. 

    STEP TWO: 

    With an electric or hand-held mixer, beat the cream cheese until smooth and the add in the full can of pumpkin. Beat that some more now.  Add in your spices, sweetener  and vanilla and whip on high speed until it’s super fluffy. 


    Spread your filling into the cooled crust and then sprinkle with some extra cinnamon to appear fancy and good at cooking. Refrigerate for 2 hours and then eat em’ up. 

    Happy No-Baking folks,



  2. Be Better at…Health.

    Apple Cider Vinegar Edition:

    So, I usually can’t stand the idea of “at-home” remedies, and I really HATE meds. I try to never take them, unless my forearm/face are simultaneously falling off, or I am on my period and have cramps that make me want to use Chinese water torture on pretty much, the whole world.  BUT…I may be changing my tune. I’ve been doing a little experiment with a very special liquid and it’s changing my life. 

    Apple Cider Vinegar. 

    Half of you are like “shutthefuckupweveknownaboutthatforlike100years” and the rest of you are probably like “I think I put that on a salad once”. I get it. But let me preach the gospel of ACV for a sec, peeps. 

    I started adding it into my daily diet about 2 weeks ago…every day, 2tsps added into a glass o’ water (and I put a splenda in with it because I’m a little bitch about things that taste like butthole). Drink it down. 

    Here’s what I’ve noticed:

    • -Clearer skin
    • -Better digestion
    • -Feeling not-very farty
    • -Lost weight 
    • -Generally feeling like my body is better off

    After some research, here’s what “they” say ACV can do for you in the long run:

    • -Help with lowering blood sugar levels related to diabetes
    • -Lowers Cholesterol
    • -Improves Heart Health
    • -Weight Loss
    • -Help with Allergies
    • -Acne
    • -Arthritis
    • -ETC.

    Disclaimer, I am not a doctor (and if you thought I was…you have a larger issue), but I really feel like this is working. Maybe it’s all in my head, but if a placebo effect is making me thinner, less bloated, and clearing up my skin, I don’t give a shit. 

    Did I mention I paid, $4.99 for a whole bottle?!

    I’ll do an update post with any other changes, but for now…call me a believer. 

    xo Chinae