1. Be a Better…Bartender.

    Valentine’s Day Cocktails Edition:

    So, Valentine’s is an interesting holiday, you’d be hard-pressed to find another day so filled with the perfect amounts of love, heartache, loneliness  bitterness, and the need to have single-gal dates with other single-gals. For the most part, I could care less about V-day besides wanting to have my nails blood red, and sporting some crimson duds, but alas, to conjure up the inner romantic in us all, we should drink. Heavily. On Valentine’s Day. YES!

    This is the perfect way to spend America’s 2nd Least Favorite Holiday (I totally disagree with #1 btw), because it appeals to every relational status possible. Single? Married? Dating? It all works. 

    I’ve created a list of the perfect cocktail to cheers with this Valentine’s Day:

    "Single and Hating It": Your perfect drink is The Black Velvet. It will very much remind you of your cold, dying black heart. Drink up!

    The Black Velvet:

    • Guinness Stout
    • Champagne

    Fill your Collins glass halfway with guinness, fill the rest of the glass with champagne and lightly stir.

    "Dating and Hating It": Your perfect drink is called The DGAF.

    The DGAF:

    • Bourbon
    • Ice

    Pour heavily and drink up quickly. 

    "Happily in Love": Your perfect drink is The Elderfashion. A little bit light, a little bit serious.

    The Elderfashion:

    • 2 Parts Bourbon
    • 1/2 Part St. Germaine
    • 2 dashes Angostura Bitters
    • Ice
    • Orange peel garnish

    Stir all your ingredients, add ice, and stir again. Seductively caress your rim with the orange zest and be all romantic-like.

    "Happy and Single": Your drink is…Tequila shots. Enjoy.

    Tequila Shottttttsssss:

    • Tequila
    • Shot Glass
    • Lime
    • Salt
    • A bag to re-gather your dignity after all is lost. 

    Cheers and happy or hateful Valentine’s Day y’all,



  2. Be a Better…Bartender.

    I’m hosting my largest event of the year at our showroom this weekend…and please, pray for my sanity. Saturday, 1000 design professionals (and at least one homeless person) will flood the walls of my space, eating and drinking to their hearts’ content.

    Since this week is  so f*cking busy, my post is kind of a tease but I’ll leave you with two cocktail recipes that I’ll be serving on Saturday for your enjoyment, especially since most of you aren’t invited. 

    Fresh Mango Margarita:  

    • Ice
    • 1 1/2 Ounces Tequila
    • 1 Ounce Fresh Lime Juice
    • 1/2 Ounce Cointreau
    • Fresh Mango Puree
    Combine all your ingredients in a shaker with Ice. Strain onto fresh ice and garnish with lime wedge. Keep all your clothes on.

    Spiked Cucumber Lemonade:

    • 1 part Pearl Cucumber Vodka
    • 2 parts fresh lemonade
    • Splash of soda
    • Mint
    • Ice

    Pour vodka and lemondade over the ice. Add a splash of soda on top and garnish with a sprig of mint. Hello summer. 

    Hope you enjoy some cocktails on this dreary-ass Monday!

    xo Chinae