1. Be a Better…Beauty.

    Summer Nails Edition:

    I have a Saturday morning ritual that is pretty much un-missable in my book. Q Spa is a magical land where my girlfriends gather every weekend to catch up on the latest craziness in each other’s lives, get manis, and drink Gorilla coffee. Pretty much the pinnacle of all things girly. 

    A good manicure is the best investment of $8 I spend all week and I highly encourage all you raggedy-nailed individuals to start doing on a weekly basis. You’ll thank me later.

    This summer in particular has been a-buzz with nail trends in the beauty world. Celebs and stylish girls alike, have been flocking to their local nail tech to get the best and brightest in new manicures! BUT…some of this sh*t is just ridiculous. 

    So how do we pick the perfect summer manicure without looking like someone that works at the DMV (anyone else understand this reference?)?

    Nail Tips:

    -I prefer nails to be short, and a natural nail shape. Especially if you are doing bright nails, short is key. Otherwise, you are going to look like aforementioned DMV employee, I promise.

    -If you aren’t good at painting them yourself, DONT.

    -Don’t go overboard with nail art unless you are SURE it’s going to be good looking…this is a very thin line ladies (and some very particular gentlemen)

    -Men, you can still get a manicure without losing your masculinity. We ladies appreciate when you don’t look like you’ve been digging around in sh*t or been snacking on your nailbeds when you’re hungry. OM NOM NOM NOM

    -Bold, flat colors (i.e. no shimmer or pearlescence) work on everyone. Shimmer or pearlized polishes have a tendency to look like you just finished the 7th grade and you’ve just discovered that your body is changing in some weird ways, so steer clear!

    -Trendy nails…now, I know that nail companies are REALLY trying to be innovative with polishes currently…but personally I don’t need my manicure to look shattered or move along with magnets. It’s seems unnecessary and borderline trashy.

    Now for some fun Summer Nail Inspiration!

    Look chic down to your nailbeds bitches.

    xoxo Chinae