1. Be Better at…the Internet.

    5 Reasons I Hate Pinterest:

    Hate might be a harsh word for a dark place where I sometimes find myself in a moment of quiet desperation…I should rephrase. Instead of “hate”, let’s say…"don’t understand why people love Pinterest". 

    The initial concept is great, and for some companies and people, Pinterest is an amazing world of inspiration, wonderment, and inevitably a money making machine. 

    But, for the average gal/guy, it’s a f*cking time suck.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I occasionally find myself browsing and trying to love my expereience on Pinterest, but I can’t pretend to like this sh*t anymore. I’m coming out of my social networking closet, RIGHT NOW.

    Here’s why:

    1. Pinterest Kills Creativity: At first, Pinterest was about getting inspired and sharing ideas with others…now it’s a cesspool for the same ol’ shit, over and over. I swear, it’s the same 100 images, just recycled and replicated. We no longer are getting inspired by things like color/nature/art/architecture…but now just using other people’s work as the highest level of creativity. A prime example of this is weddings these days. Have you seen a rise in a homogenous look and feel of weddings like I have? The combination of wedding blogs and Pinterest have just about killed unique events…turning them all into a hodge-podge of cake balls and DIY painted paper lanterns. NOTE: If you want to have a spectacular, special event…don’t look at Pinterest. 

    2. “I’m PINNING!”: Please stop saying this. It’s pretty much…the worst.

    3. Too Much Estrogen: Let’s face it, Pinterest is the Internet’s vagina. One way I think it could be saved in my eyes, would be more men adding manly, useful sh*t on there. I know, you know like 2 dudes that use Pinterest…well, that’s just not enough ladies. It’s like a femme vortex…where we get lost in the delusions of being able to cook gourmet meals, while learning new exercise moves, all while knitting a f*cking ankle warmer. 

    4. The Self-Absorption and Self Loathing Mecca: Now, there is a dark side to Pinterest…although you wouldn’t think it right away. Boards of “Thinspiration”, and self loathing have of course become commonplace on the site…body hate never looked so organized and adorable. Also, for most users, Pinterest becomes a safety zone, wherein you can craft the perfect life for yourself, most of which you’ll never attain, which obviously will lead to feelings of inadequacy. The perfect hair, food, home, even husband…all wrapped up in a bow that you had to dip-dye yourself.

    5. Everyone is a Self-Made Martha Stewart: I get it…you can stencil and spray paint your doormat that you hand-wove from coconut fibers…but do you really need to? Yes, some of these ideas are awesome, but we need to draw the line somewhere people. Go outside, be active, stop staring at the computer, quit planning your next trip to the craft store…because who has time to monogram your own toilet paper?! 

    OK. I’m done. 

    And yeah, yeah…I know Pinterest is great for like…recipes and stuff BLAH BLAH BLAH. Email all your hate mail to bebetterblogger@gmail.com.

    Also, I’m going on vacation for 5 days…so peace out. HELLO CALIFORNIA!

    xo Chinae