1. Be a Better…Beauty.

    Going to the Salon Edition:

    Finding a new stylist is like picking a therapist/guru/and pageant coach (whatever, I’m from the South) all in one. I’m aware that this sounds uber dramatic but seriously, this person has your head in their hands and they could do life-ruining things to you. Don’t fuck with the money maker, ya know?

    Here are some things I absolutely HATE when working with a stylist:

    -2 Hour Story Time: I love people, don’t get me wrong. I also expect a bit of idle chit chat when I’m sitting in the ol’ swivel chair…but I do not need to hear your entire life story, unless I ask.  I actually have had a stylist in a Williamsburg salon start crying mid-haircut telling me how her boyfriend and her were fighting all the time and how she used to be a cutter. This is not the time or the place for that biz-nass. Seriously. Unless I’m getting paid for therapy hours, shut it down. Otherwise, I’m happy to do girly-talk just keep the misery on lock-down Daria.

    -Product Bullshit: I understand you need to be up-selling product to people and you want clients to leave with every single thing you put on their hair, but listen, I don’t have the time or energy to put that much crap on myself everyday. I already have the beauty regime of a drag queen…I cannot commit to this. I also will never be able to operate a round brush without having to cut it out with scissors, mid-hairstyle.

    -Re-Inventing the Wheel: Nothing gets on my nerves more than when a new hairstylist tries to tell me what my hair is “doing”. I’m fucking aware of what is happening north of my neck and I’ve had to deal with this butthole hair for 26 years. I know that you think it’ll look lovely and smooth when you scrunch-dry it (you’ll say the word diffuse and I will roll my eyes)…IT WON’T. I WILL look like Gary Busey’s mugshot EVERYTIME. 

    -Don’t Use Big Words That Equate to Dollars: Rightfully so, most stylists would look at my dry-ass split ends and be totally grossed out. Yeah I know, this blog makes me so much money and stuff so I should LOVE when you suggest expensive repairing treatments right? FALSE. I make zero money off this piece of shit and I cannot afford a hair treatment that has more than 2 syllables. RE: HOT OIL (yes, V05 Home Hot Oil Treatments…you can also stop giving me the stink eye now) I know I need a “swirl regenerative follicle treatment” today…but I’m going to pass every time, unless this post makes me millions of dollars. Mostly, don’t trick me into getting a treatment and then charge my ass a lot of money in the end that I wasn’t expecting, you don’t want this girl to start raging at the check-in counter. The receptionist REALLY doesn’t deserve it.

    So, you can imagine my nerves in dealing with a new colorist recently. I was recommended to Tabitha at Arrojo by my friend Rachel, who cuts there. After seeing Tabitha my fears were slightly eased as she is freaking adorable and looks like someone I’d totally be friends with.

    NOTE: Nothing is more terrifying than showing up and your stylist looking like she was maimed by dogs right before your appointment. 

    I sit down, and start profusely apologizing to her about how nasty my hair is and how long it had been since I got my last color…and she totally just nodded and smiled (probably in total agreement) but then said it was fine and she’d fix me all up. PHEW. Thank you baby Jesus. 

    I love when a stylist really listens to what you want and is determined to get you there…hell or high water, and Tabitha totally did. She even suffered through an hour of my friend JML and I having a joint-therapy sesh. What a saint. 

    She was easy to talk to, and took her time with getting my color just right, and all the while, making me feel comfortable. Ending on a good note, she used just two products,one being named HAIRSPRAY which totally follows my two syllable product rule. 

    OK, I’m done babbling…the point is, if you are looking for a good color job here in the NYC area, ask for Tabitha at ARROJO. 

    What are your worst styling moments? Send ‘em to me via twitter @bebetterblog and I’ll retweet them! 

    Until next time,