1. Be a Better…Gifter.

    Engagement present edition:

    I like to think of myself as a decent gift giver, when I actually want to be (which is rare). I really like getting presents so there’s that too. (please let me know if you need my address to send me a treat kthanks: bebetterblogger@gmail.com) You know what I really hate though? A thoughtless gift, just keep it. If I were a mathematician my equation for gifting would be: Lots of thought+Not a lot of effort= Perfect Present.

    Some weird gifting occasions arise though that can be a little tricky…

    -Coming Out party for someone you’ve dated

    -Moving Away to a lesser city

    -New Baby Daddy’s Bday

    -Post Spelling Bee Celebrations


    I’ll tackle that last one in this post, since I haven’t quite figured out what to do for your new baby’s daddy’s bday. 

    The first hard thing about engagements is that it’s NOT the freakin’ wedding. You can’t buy them that hideous swan/naked lady vase they registered for at Sears, nor can you get them the nose-hair trimmer that they both desperately need. Also, you and I both know that we will be spending mucho dinero on their asses in the near future, and would prefer to save our monies for Zombie Drinks this weekend instead. So waddayado? I submit that I’ve come up with a perfect engagement gift that will make you look like you care way more than you probably do AND you can get everything you need within a ten block radius (unless you live in the burbs, and for that I apologize for more than just the ease of gathering gifting supplies). 

    My Decent Engagement Gift Go-To:

    Insta-date night. Figure out what the couple likes to do…or just copy my idea.

    Make a date night in a box for them…I hear from people that are those engaged types, that you get all crazytown in the planning of your Hipster Princess Diana-esque Rustic yet Urban wedding, that you almost forget about spending good QT with the other person. So, give them an excuse to spend time together, and remember why they are spending forklifts full of cash to get to never date anyone else again. 

    Here’s how I made my Ol’ Fashioned Movie Date Night Box:

    -Buy expensive sh*t that looks better than it tastes.

    -Get some cheap yet aesthetically pleasing packaging.

    -Spend time on the details, especially if there’s cheap crap inside.

    My Movie Date Night Box included:

    -To-Go Cans of Wine (hellz yes)

    -Expensive Caramel Corn

    -Mast Brothers Chocolate (amazeballs)

    -Old fashioned licorice

    -Dean & Deluca Double Chocolate cookies

    -A hand written explanation of date-night in a box

    -In the card with the explanation, put in a movie gift card

    They key is in the packing people. Pack it tight and organize it so it looks oh so professional. Close up that box with some cheap bakers string and you are all set. 

    Impressive no?

    p.s. if I get engaged…ten bucks says i’m going to be sitting on a whole pile of licorice that I can’t eat and I will be cursing this f*cking blog. (I’ll be just fine with a Meat-Of-The-Month Club Subscriptions thankyouverymuch)

    Glad you put a ring on it. Glad it wasn’t me.

    xoxo c