1. Be a Better…Dresser.

    Animal Print Edition:

    All week I’ve been at PROJECT, a men’s fashion trade show…the last day, I overslept and due to my hate-hate relationship with laundry…was a little low on duds that impress. So naturally I threw on my craziest looking outfit, threw my hair into a topknot, slipped on my Warby Parkers, and headed out the door. What happened next was to my amazement…the fashion tribe ate that sh*t rightttt up. Just fooled ‘em. 

    (my crazyness with not so crazy room mate Shuffle)

    Time Out New York, William Yan (fashion aficionado), and Refinery 29 all snapped street style pics of my outfit for their blogs/sites. To anyone else, I looked like a crazy person with an affection for prints, but to the stylistas…I was edgy. Now I know what to do when I want to look fashionable…just blindfold myself and hope for the best. 

    This inspired today’s post…I wore animal print pants yesterday…and unknowingly I was on the egde of fashion suicide. Now this my devoted occasional readers, is muy complicado. Wearing animal print can be risky busi-nass and you’re going to have to stick with me here. 

    There are three ways wearing animal print can go…total babe, jungle theme streetwalker, and safari guide. Let’s go for that first one. (unless you work at Private Eyes Gentleman’s Club or Busch Gardens…in that case, feel free to break all the rules and congrats on your success)

    Let’s explore the bad first…that’s always fun.

    Here is it folks. This is the line in the sand. Listen PETA, give up the fur rigmarole and make a campaign against bad animal print done in cheaply made fabrics, will ya?

    Things to steer clear of:

    -Mixing animal print with other prints or motifs in one singular piece of clothing is going to make you look like a suburban (non stylish…yes I know some of you are stylish) mom or a hooker. Your print should be solid leopard or whatever animalcentric choice you make…to be safe.

    -Quality fabric is key when wearing this particular look…don’t go all Contempo Casuals on me, alright? When you have a print on a cheap fabric, you WILL look like common trash. Stay clear polyester fiends.

    -Fit. FIT. FIT. FIT…is the MOST important thing when thinking about wearing animal print. Wearing it tight, short, and all over is a very bad idea. Unless you are Selena (RIP), I would stay away from an animal print bustier as well. 

    Let’s look at how to get jungle fever in the chic way.


    LOOK #1

    LOOK #2

    Tips of the Feline Kind:

    -Use animal print as a neutral…mix it with other prints and colors. Be bold but conscious of the over all effect so you don’t look like a bag lady on the subway pushing one of those rickety carts.

    -Pick a rich looking animal print…there are a lot of bad ones out there.

    - Keep hair and makeup simple and clean, so you don’t look like you are costarring with Simba in the Lion King on Broadway.

    Easy like sunday morning! 

    Good luck avoiding being pet by strangers,

    xo chinae