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  2. Be Better at…Business.

    Warby Parker Edition:

    My brand crushes are usually related to a swoon-worthy product, sexy marketing, or a great customer service experience. Well. I think I’ve died and gone to brand heaven. And no, I didn’t get free glasses or money for this post. 

    I know that everyone underneath the sun has written about Warby Parker as the new, hot, sexy eyewear company on the block…and here I am, joining the masses. 

    Not only was my experience with Warby Parker simple and painless, but it was actually enjoyable. Imagine that…handing over my hard-earned money with a certain amount of joy in the process. 

    So why was it such a good experience? And how can more companies and personal brands follow suit? 

    5 Things Warby Parker Did Right:

    1) Clear Communication and Idea: Warby Parker is just about as transparent of a business structure as you can find. The ability to sum up what they are about, in one sentence, makes it easy for brand advocates (such as myself) to pass along their message, sucinctly and clearly. 

    Warby Parker sells well crafted, trend-driven eyewear at $95 and donates a pair of glasses each time a pair is sold. 


    2) Sexy Marketing: They understand that a pair of $95 dollar glasses can still feel sexy and aspirational. And they don’t dumb down their marketing efforts, website, or advertising to feel inexpensive and affordable. The idea the buying process feeling luxurious, even if the product is cheap is of major importance in their strategy. 

    3) Focus: Warby Parker is not for everyone. And that’s ok. They get that not everyone is going to vibe their style, and the rest can go elsewhere. Broad but specific. It’s a beautiful thing in the world of massive product lines and splatter-effect marketing. A well curated brand and focused product mix is the key.

    4) Customer Relations: When I bought my first pair of Warby’s (about a 8-9 months ago), I had no trouble making an appt at their Union Square showroom, and was greeted personally by name at the door by a sales person, Mara. Yeah, I still remember her name (this matters). I probably spent a total of 15 minutes there, but left feeling taken care of and cared for as a client rather than just an order being process in a sea of customers. Then the next day, Mara personally called and told me that my invoice was being sent via email, and she complimented me on how wonderfully, the pair of glasses I picked out, suited me. It was that extra phone call that solidified for me, that great follow-up can really build great brand karma and will transform the most cynical, jaded consumer (me) into a brand ambassador for life.

    5) Well-Managed Expectations: I was told I’d be getting my new sexified glasses in about 10 business days. They showed up 3 days later. That may have been a fluke, an issue of having multiples on hand or another circumstance, but the fact that Warby Parker surpassed my expectations, made me feel like a precious part of their business.

    4 Things Companies Can Learn from Warby Parker:

    1) Admit When You’re Wrong: Use issues as an opportunity for proving the kind of business you run. It’s pretty easy to change an angry customer into a pleased one, so just act quickly and aggressively and they’ll repay you in spades with additional business and great word of mouth.

    2)Go the Extra Mile: When starting a company, pay attention to detail when interacting with the public. Think on a small scale and your company will grow large because of it.

    3) Do Good: Give back in some way to the community you serve. Not every company functions like TOMS and Warby Parker but every business can give back a portion of what they take in, for good. Not only are you helping your brand look “nice” but we as consumers always feel better about being charitable, especially when you do all the dirty work. 

    4) Build Brand Ambassadors, not a Client Base: I can honestly say, that I’ve probably spread Warby Parker’s story, products, and my personal experience with the company at least once or twice a week, since my initial buy with them. Being able to freely talk about a brand you had a great experience with, is the best advertising a company can’t buy. This is how Warby Parker continues to grow. They have thousands of influential brand ambassadors, doing their marketing FOR them. And all it takes is a little extra effort. 

    Visit Warby Parker HERE.

    To Seeing Clearly in Business,