1. Be Better at…Summer.

    Hi lovies,

    It’s officially summa’ y’all! Get your american flag Budweiser bikinis on, make some watermelon mojitos and put some damn music on. What music you ask? 

    Since you asked so nicely, I made you a playlist with my own hands.

    CLICK HERE IDIOT FOR THE SPOTIFY LINK——> You’ve Got Some Sunlight in Your Hair

    Here’s the songlist, just in case you’re worried it won’t be your thing:

    Happy Summer!

    xoxo Chinae


  2. Be Better at…The Internet.

    Hey, welcome to 2012. It’ll probably be the same ol’ shit as 2011, but let’s add one more layer of snark and hilarity to your life with some fun Twitter action.

    The Be Better Blog is getting all interactive on your ass this year, so I’ll need you to participate. Send me your photos and stories and if they’re funny…I’ll post them up on the @BEBETTERBLOG twitter. OR you can @ reply me and I’ll retweet. 

    Follow the adventure HERE.

    Happy 2012 folks. Cheers to being better and more importantly, laughing a lot. 

    Xo Chinae