1. Be a Better…Bartender.

    Blackberry Tom Collins Edition:

    Friday=Cocktails. This particular one sounds like something I’d like to drink right abouutttttt NOW. It’s been quite the week, people. 

    photo and recipe via White On Rice Couple

    Here we go:

    Blackberry Tom Collins

    -Fresh Blackberries

    -1 tsp. Sugar

    -2 oz. Gin

    -3-5oz Soda Water


    -1/2 oz Fresh Lime Juice 

    Take about 3-4 Blackberries, lime juice, and sugar and MUDDLE in a glass. That’s a very fancy, complicated way of saying smush. Add your ice, then pour in your gin and soda. Garnish with more blackberries and just TRY and have one. Not possible. 

    Fancy drinks forever,


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    Why do I read every single one of these posts. Even the alcohol ones. I CAN’T EVEN DRINK. BUT IT LOOKS SO DELICIOUS.
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