1. Be a Better…Dresser.

    Murse Edition: 

    For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term Murse…where the hell have you been?

    BUT for those of you that have been camping out under a rock,  just to clairfy, here’s the fashion equation: MAN+PURSE=MURSE.

    Sh*t can really get weird when it comes to men’s accessories and this weekend, while out and about shopping with my mother who was visiting, I saw some major train-wrecks that did not go unnoticed by my judging eyes.  This got me thinking…it must be hard for a self-respecting man to admit to himself that he NEEDS a purse. In New York in particular, every guy carries one, but few do it right. You either look like you are mid-Appalachian hike, confused about your gender status, or part of the infamous Best Buy Geek Squad. (shoutout)

    So here we go men of the world…how to carry a purse and not look like a complete douchelord, bike messenger, hell’s angel, or heaven forbid…tourist.

    For the Tech Guy: You can be a tech guy AND still look fashionable (to a point). Yeah, you can school me in the newest software upgrades for my macbook AND make me style swoon for you. Jack Spade is a great brand who does clean, modern, yet sophisticated man bags that make any nerd a little bit cooler. You can upload to my hard drive anytime gentleman. 

    Visit them HERE

    For the Modern Gentleman:

    Oh, my favorite flavor of man. The modern gentleman is always put together, well-groomed, fashion forward and usually better looking than me. Sigh. OUT are the days of a hard-sided dad briefcase and IN are the stylish, yet effortless man-ssecories of today. Try out Ernest Alexander and you’ll be hooked for life. Not only are his bags (and now clothes!) perfectly designed, but they are also super high quality, AND made in the USA. You want to get a fashion gal’s heart palpitating? Show up with the latest EA bag and I guarantee you’ll gain major points…and you’ll look like these guys…HELLO?! (photo by Eric Ryan Anderson for Ernest Alexander) Visit them HERE

    For the Outdoorsy Guy:

    Now as a girl who thinks the pinnacle of the outdoors is a pool cabana, you outdoorsy men are a mystery to me in a lot of ways. But one thing I can be clear on is that a Jansport is not the only answer for you. Herschel Supply Co. does simple, durable, bags that make your granola-eating ass look way legit.  I cannot vouch for their resistance to bear attacks, cliff falls, or nalgene leakage issues….but i’m sure they’ll do alright. 

    Visit them HERE

    Cheers to burning our fanny packs, briefcases, and ziploc baggies!

    x chinae

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