1. Be a Better…Bartender.

    Tejas Michelada Edition:

    I have an ongoing battle with a couple of friends. We all insist that we make the perfect Michelada. Some of them say that a beer with some lime and salt is a Michelada. I don’t think so lazy ass. That’s actually just a beer with salt and lime. Also called a Chelada, which is cheating yourself out of deliciousness….and that’s pretty irresponsible of you.

    Here is my recipe for the PERFECT Texas Michelada:

    -1 12oz Beer (preferably XX, Tecate, Indio, or another mexican beer)

    -A couple splashes of Worcestershire sauce (can’t pronouce this…like…ever)

    -Juice of one lime

    -Cholula or Tabasco to taste

    -A splash of dill pickle juice (my personal addition to the recipe)

    -Quater Glass of CLAMATO (clam and tomato juice cocktail) 

    -Course Salt for the Rim 


    Rim your glass with the course salt, put a couple ice cubes in your glass, pour your favorite beer over the ice and add the other ingredients. Mix gently and garnish with a gerkin, olive, or lime. 

    You better thank me later for just improving the quality of your life by 200%.

    x chinae

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