1. Be a Better…Host.

    It’s all in the Details Edition:

    Tonight I was asked to host a little jewelry trunk show at our showroom for about 20 guests who were coming to shop, have some libations, and look at this chick’s jewelry. Naturally through the course of the day I got distracted (pretty typical of my life) and time got away from me. Listen, the event was from 5-8pm and that seemed like an eternity away from my lunchtime chicken salad.

    All of a sudden I got 2-3 texts (dang girl…you’re popular) that rang in at once and caused me to snap out of my mid-email nap and look at my best friend, iPhone. 4:20pm. Shite. Shite. Exactly 40 minutes until I am supposed to have this all together and not look like I opened up a bag of Cheetos and threw some PBRs on ice (although that sounds awesome and I totally am a fan of both of those things). 

    If you ever have to throw a party in a pinch (most annoying thing I’ve written all day), split up your time this way…spend 30-40% of your time with getting stuff out and the rest of your time with the details. I know this seems totally backwards but no one is going to look if your cheese is all cut or if you just left out a cheese knife for them to do it themselves. Save yourself some time and effort in that department and go for the things that will make your event look like you tried. Work smarter not harder people. 

    So some things I did to make my party happen in 40 minutes, here we go:

    -Get the food on the platters, don’t be too anal retentive on placement, people are going to get crazy on it anyway and no they won’t think about the fact that there were not as many whole wheat ginger snaps as table water crackers on your cracker platter.

    -Keep the food simple and handheld…unless it’s a dinner party. Yeah, don’t make your guests cup lasagna in their hands, it’s considered rude in most circles. Unless they are into that sort of thing…in that case invite me please.

    -Make your cocktail recipe easy and quick with on hand ingredients…or in my case (keep that vodka handy in the freezer and make martinis) 

    -Keep some handy decorations on hand like a mini-chalkboard, a pretty vase, printed napkins, and some good simple serving ware so when the time arises, you can just pull all of that out and be ready to go.

    This particular time, I focused on mixing some patterns to make the table look vibrant and lively. I had some leftover black and white graphic napkins and some gray and white paper striped straws (adorbs) so I incorporated those into the mix along with my white serving ware. Garnishes are also a good way to look like you actually put thought into the event, I added mint to my cocktail glasses (don’t ask if I had time to wash it..it was a 40 minute timeline, people). Top it all off with some cute signage as to what cocktail you are serving (use your mini chalkboard here) and some simple flowers or whatever you can cut out of your neighbor’s garden, in my case, I pulled the flowers from the bathroom and stuck them on the table…YUM!

    Entertaining with bathroom hydrangeas and pre-packaged cookies, 


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