1. Be a Better…Bartender.

    Cucumber Mint Mojito Edition:

    I just threw a huge event for work (party planner by day, medicore blogger and party attender by night), where I served these delicious summer cocktails to 1000 of my closest friends and a bunch of people I don’t care to know. This is perfect to class up your next bar mitzah, baptism, engagement party, or whatever the hell other weird events people celebrate.

    Cucumber Mint Mojitos:

    You will need…


    -Cucumbers (skinned)

    -Fresh Mint


    -Pearl Cucumber Vodka or Rum (for you boring people)

    -Lime Juice

    -Club Soda

    For one heavenly blender-full of this summer treat, blend 2 skinned cucumbers, a handful of mint, sugar/splenda to taste, and the lime juice until it looks like watery guacamole. Then pour over ice, the vodka, watery guacamole, and top with club soda. Garnish with mint to make everyone think you are cooler than you actually are. 

    Minty fresh makeouts ahoy,


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