1. Be a Better…Cook. {Guest Post by Laurel Dailey}

    Everyone once in a while, my wild ego takes a break and I let someone else write on my very mediocre blog. Today is that day.
    Laurel Dailey is a friend of many friends (including the BF) but I couldn’t help but steal her away partially from all of them and make her a personal friend of mine as well. She started low carbing months ago and this is a journal into her first foray into low-carb baking…pretty stellar I would say. During her time not ranting HERE, she’s making people look good with her photography skills, HERE. She resides in LA with her enormous fur pelt collection.
    xo Chinae
    Low Carb Bourbon Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie Edition:
    Love will make you do crazy things.
    Though I’ve yet to make any kind of insane proclamations for the sake of a fella (but if that day comes, I’m going to request that each and every one of you kindly refrain from wagging your finger and crowing, “I told you so!” because yes, I know. And you told me so. And I didn’t believe you. And, as of Monday, October 8th, I still don’t, but you all keep saying, “Just you WAIT!” And I keep saying, “Pffft.” All clear? Good.) Er…though I’ve yet to experience that lovely little slice of life cake, I will tell you that having a best friend, and then loving that best friend, will make you do crazy things as well. 
    Such is the case with one of my best friends, Jess Kemp. She’s one of my low-carb lifestyle spirit guides, as is the eternally bodacious Chinae Alexander (HEY THAT’S ME). Jess turned 30 last week, and, though I partially blame the heat for this feverish idea, it’s also love that compelled me to take the following completely-out-of-character actions:
    1. I came up with a recipe for low-carb bourbon bacon chocolate chip cookies.
    2. I baked a test batch on Monday’s triple-digit heat day. 
    3. I adjusted the recipe and baked a SECOND batch for Jess on Friday.
    4. Did I mention that I baked? Because I did. I used a mixing bowl and a whisk and I greased a cookie sheet, and I didn’t even make any lewd jokes in the process. 
    If you can believe that I, Laurel Dailey of “I don’t cook EVER, don’t make me, I can’t even boil water” fame achieved all of these things, then the only explanation I have for you will take you right back to the beginning of this post:
    Love will make you do crazy things. 

    If you’ve got a hankering for the kind of cookie that is inherently awesome (because of the bourbon) and also low-carb, then here’s my recipe. I made a recipe. And though it does contain alcohol, it isn’t a cocktail. Oof. These growing pains I’m getting from going from awesome to awesome-r are really starting to bug me.


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