1. Be Better…Blogolympics™!

    Let’s be straight here…I really want to LOVE the Olympics. I really do. 

    I totally admire the athletes sheer strength, skill, and discipline but I am having some severe issues with really pretending to be a huge fencing fan when the closest I’ve ever come to fencing is a group of losers really cool people LARPing in Prospect Park.  

    Side note: there are some friends of mine that it totally makes sense that they really love the Olympics…but then there are others that I’m like…when did you become an expert on trampolinist form and rotation? Whatever. 

    Since I can’t watch that fencing poke-in-the-butt meme one more time (YOU NEED TO SEE THIS), I figured I should entertain myself with my own sort of Olympics. BLOGOLYMPICS™!!!!!

    For those of you who don’t know what Blogolympics™ is (that’s pretty much everyone because I just made that word up), I’m going to give medals to my favorite blogs and hopefully recommend some new reading for your bored-ass eyeballs. Also, I needed a reason to use my new word. 


    Gold Medal: Uncrate-Whenever I want to drool over gear that isn’t made for girl parts, I head over to Uncrate. Need a gift idea for your man? Want to check out the best cars, techie sh*t, or manly food/drink? This site never disappoints and he posts frequently so there’s always something new to get all slobbery over.

    Honorable Mention: Art of Manliness


    Gold Medal: Lifehacker-From opening a can with your toenail to tips for uploading new software..Lifehacker mixes helpfulness with absurdity. Budgeting, travel, gadgets, and tech are all covered with a light tone and humor by this Gawker Media subset. And yes, you’ve probably all heard of Lifehacker…I didn’t say I was going to find the most obscure blogs, this isn’t the Hipsterlympics™ ok? Stick with me here.

    Honorable Mentions: Thedailywh.at 


    Gold Medal: Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things-If you can make a North Korean dead dictator humorous, I commend you. I’m pretty glad that he’s in the grave, but I can’t lie by saying I’m a little bummed about the eventual blog death, due to lack of material. 

    Honorable Mentions: Bon Iver Erotica, Things Organized Neatly, Best Roof Talk Ever These all could be gold medalists, really. 


    Gold Medal: I Am A Food Blog- If you can make me want to READ recipes and fool me into cooking by utilizing beautiful typefaces, splendid photography, and simple prose, I will give you a gold medal any day. Any blog that can make chores interesting (yes, cooking is a chore), wins my heart. 

    Honorable Mentions: The Yellow Table, Pardon the Dog Hair (ed note: both of these are by friends of mine, but I actually LOVE their blogs…so yeah)


    Gold Medal: Life! Death! Top Tips!-Most of the time, fashion blogs are just recycling the same ol’ shit…so I tend to stay off of them completely. Manrepeller used to be funny and cool, before she became famous and was like doing everything BUT writing a fashion blog. Life! Death! Top Tips! is a blog worth a read…she takes tips and advice from women’s mags, so we can all hang our heads in shame regarding how ridiculous we’ve become. Note: she’s British so sometimes I need Google Translate (for idiots) to understand what the hell she’s talking about.

    Honorable Mentions: Runway Falls (a no-nonsense blog featuring a collection of photos and video of models falling on the runway…which completes my life in a lot of ways)


    Gold Medal: Humans of New York- Every time I read, I laugh, I cry, and I wonder how I continue to live in the crazy-ass city. If you like short stories and profiles of interesting people, this is your new favorite site. 

    Honorable Mention: Surf Collective NYC


    Gold Medal: NO ONE GETS A MEDAL…I F*CKING HATE DIY BLOGS AND I WISH THEY WOULD ALL FALL INTO A DEEP CREVASSE AND NEVER COME BACK AGAIN. Seriously people, we can’t just make our whole lives out of colored paper and mason jars. 

    Honorable Mentions: Go back to pinterest or etsy you twits…but if you are looking for some laughs, head over to REGRETSY.

    If you want to vote my Be Better Blog for an imaginary medal in a made up sporting event, click HERE. 

    What are your favorite blogs? Or your least favorite?

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