1. Be Better at…Life.

    Friends, Lovers, Haters…this week’s a biggie. Two of my very best in the whole wide world are getting married.

    To each other. 

    This is them. Absolutely the cutest. Meet Becky and Victor.

    Here’s my week in a nutshell:

    Tuesday+Wednesday: Gym, Tan, Laundry…and cleaningfest 2012

    Thursday: Bachelorette Party aka “The Day I’ll Get Pretty Drunk and Tell Becky I Love Her Over and Over on the Corner of Essex St. and Allen”

    Friday: Rehearsal of the best day ever and eating at a legit Chinatown restaurant (stoked)

    Saturday: Wedding Day…also know as “Crying in my Champagne Day” or “The Day I Sucked at Giving A MOH Speech”

    Sunday: Recovery and Bye Bye Boyfriend Day, also known as “Jealous I’m Not Going To A Tropical Honeymoon” Day

    So as you can see, I’m going to be a busy gal this week with probably very little time to write really sarcastic things on my corner of the internet. Forgive me? I’ll be back Monday with a wedding recap and just so you know…I’ll probably still have a lingering hangover headache.

    Here are photos of the people I am really excited for this weekend: 

    The Groom and I, Victor Paguia

    The Best Bride and Probably the Best Person I know…Becky!

    And of course…excited to see the Cali boy for some wedding time fun!

    xo Chinae

    (first photo by the very talented Eric Ryan Anderson, the rest by my best friend, iPhone) 

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